As a photographer, I draw inspiration from the island of Jersey on which I live:
its sometime soft and delicate, sometime harsh and rugged coastline, its traditional and contemporary architecture, its abundant flora and the individual characters of the locals.

Often, I interpret my subjects in a way that renders them almost abstract by focusing on details and minutiae which may otherwise pass unnoticed. The results are images that become visual riddles which entice the viewer
to explore and interpret them, while at the
same time maintaining an aesthetic quality which can be appreciated in its own right.

Conversely, many of my photographs pull back to capture the wider picture: from expansive seascapes to distant portraits and character observations, these images seek to offer an overall view. Minimalist and
sometimes stark, these photographs are often more
Spartan than my abstract work through their focusing on detail contextualised within a vast setting.

I am an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society